One of the ways I get people to see beyond my disability is as an artist and painter. When I am painting, I can express myself and do not feel limited by my body. Through my painting, I feel like I connect directly with others on a deeper level that doesn't leave room for judgments based on disability. I first got interested in painting in ninth grade. My art teacher was not intimidated by my disability and was the first person to really encourage me. She also saw my potential as an artist. She started my love for painting, and I have loved it ever since.

- Alba Somoza

Exhibition History



Savant-Garde, Pure Vision Arts, NYC
Al Fresco, LWR Fine Art, NYC
Transit on the Spectrum: The Art of Pure Vision, NY Transit Museum, Brooklyn, NY
Personal Space, Pure Vision Arts, NYC
Pure Folk, American Folk Art Museum, NYC
Visions from the Edge, Mass. College of Liberal Arts, Gallery 51, Adams, MA
Innocence & Experience, Pure Vision Arts, NYC
6th Annual Outsider Art in the Hamptons, Gallerie BelAge, Westhampton, NY
Labor of Love, Pure Vision Arts, NYC
Pure Vision Arts at JBFCS, NYC
5th Annual Outsider Art in the HamptonsGallerie BelAge, Westhampton, NY
What is a Disability, VSA, Washington, DC
Paradise Found, Pure Vision Arts, NYC
th Annual Outsider Art in the HamptonsGallerie BelAge, Westhampton, NY
Pure Vision Arts at Marlborough Gallery, NYC
The Outsider Art Fair, The Mart, NYC
Modern Primitive, Pure Vision Arts, NYC
Dia de Los Muertos, Rocking Horse Cafe, NYC
Pure Vision Arts at The Jewish Board of Children and Family Services, NYC
Pure Vision Arts at Marlborough Chelsea, NYC
City Folk, Pure Vision Arts, NYC 

Alba Somoza’s workspace hums with her joy, laughter and immense creative energy. As she fulfills her wish to freely experiment and grow, we are seeing the the fresh, compelling expressions of an emerging painter who is just coming into her own. Her spirited abstract expressionistic paintings are quiet and powerful, subtle and monumental. It is a pure expression of the courage, tenacity and beauty that is Alba.
— Dr. Pamala Rogers, Director of Pure Vision Arts

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